This is only my second mothers day and really I have been debating what I would like this year… A kiss from my baby and husband with a good bowl of ice cream really just seems perfect but just in case they want to get me something (hint hint) this are some things that I’m also craving. Es mi segundo año del día de las madres y la verdad no se que me gustaría de regalo este año… Un beso de mi niña y esposo con una nieve seria perfecto pero por si algo me quieren regalar algo (hint hint) estas son algunas cosas que también se me antojan.
The Global Gratitude greeting card from tiny prints designed by mink blog, Daisy So Fresh By Marc Jacobs, Decor 8 book, Nixon Watch and of course this shoe from Jeffrey Campbell.
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2 Responses to MOTHER’S DAY

  1. lucia says:

    The kiss and ice cream sound great, but please get this wonderful mom a gift!!!!

  2. Alexandra Melldo Prince says:

    I vote for the card and the shoes! ❤

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