My daughter and her friend had their first ballet recital.. They looked adorable!! Of course they did not even know what was going on, but we still thought they were amazing. Mi hija y su amiga tuvieron un mini recital de ballet.. Se veían hermosas!! Claro que no sabían ni que onda pero nosotros estábamos súper emocionados.
picture by Rosa Estela Cts.
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6 Responses to TINY DANCER


  2. lucia says:

    como diria Alessandra: OMG!!!!!
    Esta divina la foto! muero por verla bailar!!

    p.s. love that song

  3. Gaston says:

    A mother’s treasure is her daughter.

  4. Jill says:

    this photo is adorable, she’s going to love it when she’s older! I wish I had more photos from when I did ballet when I was younger.

    x. jill

  5. Me encantó la foto!!!

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